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Galvanized Steel Plank Selection And Procurement Guide From Manufacturers Time:2023-07-20

Galvanized steel plank is a kind of construction equipment that is widely used in the shipbuilding, oil platforms, and electricity industries. 

Steel plank manufacturers vary a lot, and there are also many differences between cold galvanized and hot galvanized, then product selection becomes an important part. What should we do when choosing steel plank manufacturers?

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1. Raw Materials

Hot-dip galvanized steel plank is made of carbon steel plate with a thickness of 1.2-2.0mm. The negative tolerance of the material is generally within five wires. 

2. Production Process 

A qualified steel plank has its design concept reflected.  For example, some steel plank series are mainly for the shipbuilding, and ship repair industry. The construction requirements of the shipyard are high, especially to operate in the sandblasting workshop, the two-side closed steel pipe process is set up to achieve better anti-sand effect, and the surface concave and convex holes are designed to have a better waterproof effect in addition to anti-slip in coastal operations. After the previous generation of products, galvanized steel plank manufacturers aimed at the requirements of different customer groups in the market, and innovative development of the second generation is not only suitable for the shipping market but also suitable for construction, and oil platforms. The design concept of the new cost-effective hot-dip galvanized steel board is non-slip, strong, and firm.

3. Welding Requirements

The fastness of steel plank is not only related to the process but also the welding. Embedded welding is first to ensure the overall stress point of the steel planks. Secondly, the length of each welding point should be guaranteed to be at least 1.5 cm, and the surface should be smooth.

ADTO steel plank products are fully able to stand the test of the market and users. In addition to the above features, the service life of hot-dip galvanized steel scaffolding planks can reach 6-8 years with proper use and maintenance.