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Steel Props or Timber Props? Which One Should We Choose? Time:2023-06-30

There are many types of shoring props in the market. They are usually classified by the material they are made of, the load they can support, and whether 

the adjustment thread is visible or covered. Steel Prop is a common shoring prop in the construction industry, generally, steel support is composed of 

the inner tube, outer tubes, square plate, cup nut, G pin, adjustable collar, threaded tube, direct pin, etc. The existence of steel shoring prop is to enhance 

the stability of the engineering structure. In the construction of subway and foundation pits in our country, the use of steel support plays a great value. 

Steel prop is a recyclable material, so it has both environmental protection and economic characteristics. In terms of steel prop, there is another material 

commonly used in construction named timber prop, what are the differences between the two?

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Timber prop takes wood as a supporting part, and it is mostly used in some structures with small forces and loads. The material is easy to obtain, the 

construction is simple, and the cost is low, mainly being used for short-time support. Steel support is a kind of structural support or permanent support, 

with steel as the support part to support a large load, while the cost is relatively high.

Due to different materials, steel props are more durable and safer than timber props. Steel props meet the different needs of use for their toughness. 

For example, The culvert wall will prevent the collapse of the foundation pit, which requires carrying capacity, and there is still a certain lack of using 

wood products in this aspect. 

Steel props and timber props vary a lot, and which support method should be selected in the construction process? The steel prop manufacturer suggests that 

shoring props should be selected according to the specific construction requirements of the site, and the cost and safety should be considered comprehensively.

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