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The 135th Canton Fair: ADTO Group From "Product" to "Brand" Time:2024-05-15

The 135th Canton Fair was held in Guangzhou in three phases from April 15 to May 5, 2024. As China's comprehensive international trade fair with the longest history, the largest scale, the most exhibits, and the best results, the Canton Fair has gone through 68 consecutive years. This exhibition is also the 30th consecutive time that ADTO Group has participated in the exhibition, making its debut in the first and second phases respectively.


Changsha Xiangjia Metal Materials Co., LTD. (Changsha Xiangjia), a subsidiary of ADTO Group, has nearly 20 years of international trade experience since 2005, and its amount of exports of "ADTO" series products have exceeded 100 million US dollars for 11 years.


In this exhibition, Changsha Xiangjia brought a variety of main products to the world, including scaffolding system, wood formwork, aluminum formwork, steel formwork, safety net, threaded rebar sleeve, pipe, pipe fittings and valves, stainless steel products, aluminum ladder, etc. Since its launch, the ADTO booth has attracted many professional customers to stop and communicate. Excellent products, mature technology and intimate service, so that everyone highly evaluates the  products’ quality, performance and team service of ADTO. ADTO Group has also further established cooperative relations with enterprises all over the world, laying a solid foundation for expanding the global market in the future.


In the context of globalization, the international competitiveness of enterprises has become an important standard to measure its success."ADTO" launched the brand agent investment promotion plan in 2023, which has attracted the attention and support of a large number of overseas customers. At present, it has begun to achieve results and has reached cooperation intention with many dealers. From product quality to technological innovation, from market development to international cooperation, we will gradually improve our own technical level, optimize the supply chain system, strengthen customer service, and gradually realize the "ADTO" product to the "ADTO" brand, to create a real brand globalization.



In the future, ADTO will continue to adhering to the "integrity, innovation, sharing, win-win" the core values, enhance stickiness and cooperation with customers around the world, to "power brand agents become regional industry forefront" as the operational target, from the product, account period, customers, multiple dimensions such as the agent, continuous efforts, continuous innovation, with excellent quality and service to win the trust of the global customers, make ADTO synonymous with the construction industry, the enterprise development to a new height, for the world economic growth, constantly inject new kinetic energy from China.