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The Installation and Assembly of Shoring Props Time:2023-05-12

The function of the shoring prop is a temporary support of ceilings, walls, etc to ensure the normal construction of the project. It is widely applied in the construction of roads, bridges, formwork support, civil building, subway, etc, especially the support of subway. The shoring prop can retain the wall of culvert tunnel to prevent the foundation pit from collapsing. Below is the introduction of the new assembly method of steel shoring props. 

shoring props.jpg

1. In the construction, the axis of the steel should not deviate too much from the center of the bearing steel plate, and the center deviation is not more than 20mm.

2. When applying pre-pressure, a pressure meter shall be placed at the contact between the top post of the jack and the steel pipe to control the pre-pressure.

3. After the installation of the steel shoring prop, both ends should be reinforced to prevent the steel prop support from deviating from the axis.

4. The wedge should be checked regularly, and the stress should be re-applied if the wedge is loose, so as not to lose the effectiveness of the support.

5. The bolts must be fastened when riveted.

6. After the steel purlin is installed, the rear of the purlin and the pile should be filled with 40℃ fine stone concrete in time.

7. Two jacks are used to apply force evenly on both sides of the active end. When the jacking force reaches the designed value, Insert the support pins.