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Top 3 Factors Affecting the Quality of Scaffolding Steel Planks Time:2023-05-30

Steel Scaffolding Planks, also known as steel planks, catwalk boards, metal decks, or steel boards, is a kind of construction facility made of high-quality steel and widely used in the shipment, petroleum, electric, and construction industry. At present, there are more and more steel plank manufacturers. The market demand is increasing but quality varies greatly. However, only qualified steel scaffolding planks can ensure safety. Which factors are generally related to the quality of steel planks? Let us introduce it to you. 

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1. Raw material: There are essential differences between the hardness of steel in small and large factories. The materials in some small steel mills cannot meet the requirements and crack in a few months, which affects the service life of scaffolding planks. The material quality of large manufacturers can be guaranteed and the technology is relatively high.

2. Thickness. The plate thickness determines the service life of steel planks. If your construction period is short and in 1-2 years, then you should choose a plate thickness of 12mm. If you are a rental company or you need to use it for 6-8 years, a thickness of 15mm is a better choice. 

3. Manufacturing Technology. The design and manufacturing process of scaffolding steel boards have a great influence on their performance and quality. ADTO steel planks has a reasonable design and features anti-slip, stable, corrosion-resistant, durable, safe, and reliable, which is preferred by contractors, builders, and distributors worldwide.