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What are Ledgers, Standards and Transoms? Time:2024-05-10

Ledgers, standards and transoms are crucial components of a scaffolding system. These three components make up the main frame of the scaffolding system. Today, we’d like to share you a brief introduction of these three scaffolding components.



The word “Ledger” usually refers to a collection of kept financial records, however, it means something completely different in scaffolding terms. Ledgers are the horizontal beams that are used to support scaffolding system. Without ledgers, the scaffolding structure could very easily become unsafe and unstable.



Standards are quietb essential to the safety and sturdiness of the scaffolding structure. Sometimes people call they uprights. Standards are the vertical tubes which help to transfer the entire weight of the structure to the ground. Standards usually rest on square base plates.



For those of you familiar with architecture, the word transoms might not sound completely foreign. In architecture, a transom is a transverse horizontal bar, or beam, which separates a door from a window. While transoms have a slightly different meaning in the world of scaffolding, transoms are typically horizontal tubes which span across the ledgers. They are normally at right angles and they are usually positioned to face a building. Much like ledgers and standards, they are essential when it comes to the safety and strength of the scaffolding structure.