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What is BS1139 Standard Scaffolding? Time:2024-05-16

When it comes to the BS 1139 standard scaffolding, there are many to talk about. As we know that BS 1139 standard is a British standard for scaffolding materials. It is certified and trusted in many European countries. And also, BS1139 is widely used in the civil and building construction industry.


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What is BS 1139 Scaffolding?

BS 1139 is the standard that specifies the size, length, thickness, type of material, load capacity, etc. of scaffolding materials, which also includes tubes, a fitting system of clamps, couplers, putlog, boards, ladders, etc., forming a tube and fittings scaffolding system.


What is the Meaning of Scaffolding Standard BS 1139?


Using BS 1139 Scaffolding is one of the necessary scaffolding requirements that units need to follow, by complying with calculated standards and issued by the Ministry of Construction. It will help ensure the safety of the construction process.


In addition, scaffolding is one of the important sectors to decide the success or failure of construction works, so that construction scaffolding needs to have certain evaluation and production criteria to ensure the safety for construction as well as the effectiveness of the works.


What Are The Detailed Parameters For BS 1139 Scaffolding System?


For Tubes:


Outside diameter (including ovality): 48.3 mm (± 0.5 mm).

Wall thickness: 3.2 mm; 3.6 mm; 3.8 mm; 4.0 mm.

Material: steel, hot-dip galvanized steel

Requirements: Required hardness and tensile strength according to BS 1139 standard. The tubes shall have a circular profile. And the deviation from straight shall not exceed 3 mm in any one meter and the maximum deviation over the full-length L of the tube shall not exceed 0,002L.


For Scaffold Clamps, Scaffolding Couplers (Include Double clamp, swivel clamp, sleeve coupler, putlog, girder coupler):


Material: steel, galvanized steel

Requirements: Required hardness and tensile strength according to BS 1139 standard.

Application: The Scaffolding fittings are used to link and keep fixed two sections of tubes together with a diameter of 42 to 49 mm and keep fixed beams and boards with tubes to ensure rigidity and no shaking.


For Scaffolding Planks:


Width: 310 mm to 360 mm.

Length: 1000 mm, 1500 mm, 2000 mm, 3000 mm.

Thickness: 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm.

Material: Zinc plate, Hot dip steel

Requirements: Reach the hardness and tensile strength according to BS 1139 standard. Flat surface with non-slip holes. There are safety locks.

Application: Used to create a working space for working more conveniently and easily.