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What Characteristic Does ADTO Scaffolding Coupler Have? Time:2024-05-23

Scaffolding coupler can be generally divided into the following categories: double coupler, swivel coupler, and sleeve coupler. Among the construction steel pipe connection coupler, the double coupler is the most used scaffolding coupler. Use approximately one right-angle coupler per meter of steel tube. The connecting coupler is the intermediate connecting part between the steel pipe and the steel pipe. The connecting coupler has good performance and a tendency in actual construction.



The performance characteristics that ADTO scaffolding couplers have:


Best performance of anti-fracture

Ductile iron has advanced structure, Strength and toughness are up to the national and international standards, completely eliminated the scaffolding collapse accident hazard caused by the fracture of cast iron old scaffolding coupler.


Best performance of anti-sliding

The large fitting area ensures that the steel pipe and the fastener are in a state of surface bonding, and the fitting area is the largest, to overcome the old fastener and the steel pipe is in a point or line bonding, eliminate the hidden danger of steel pipe slippage, so as to ensure and improve the overall mechanical properties and safety performance of scaffold.


Best performance of anti-rust

Passivation treatment after passivation and galvanized double anti-corrosion treatment, its anti-corrosion ability is greatly improved, a life far more than the old coupler.


Best performance of quick-assembly

Structure optimization scaffolding coupler is light and beautiful, with fast assembling speed and low labor strength.