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Why We Recommend Ringlock Scaffolding Diagonal Braces? Time:2023-08-10

Ringlock Scaffolding Diagonal Braces, which are frequently seen on the outside facing of the ringlock scaffolding system, are the crucial scaffolding parts used to stabilize the scaffolding system. To stabilize the scaffold and stiffen the system, the ringlock scaffolding diagonal brace is necessary.


The Q235 48.3 2.5mm tube, two casting brace heads, and wedges assembled at both sides make up the ringlock scaffolding diagonal braces, which are perfectly compatible with the ringlock scaffolding standards and ringlock scaffolding ledgers.


More than 20 procedures must be performed throughout the entire product processing process. To achieve high accuracy and to minimize the interference of human factors, we use automatic welding machines to weld ringlock scaffolding diagonal braces.


Features of ringlock scaffolding diagonal brace:


8 hole rosettes every 500mm up the vertical members.

Diagonal braces cover a range in the following horizontal spans – from 0.73m to 3.07m.

Industrial quality, The hot-dip galvanized finish and high strength low alloy structural steel is the reason behind the added strength and durability.


Ringlock Diagonal Brace Package


Ringlock diagonal brace is packed by steel racks or pallets. It is easy for loading and unloading into containers during international shipping. It is also convenient for truck transportation and transferring using forklift operations. The steel racks are stackable and convenient for scaffold storage.


Why Should You Choose ADTO Ringlock Diagonal Braces?


Sizes customized by your requirements.

OEM is available.

Supplies all ringlock scaffolding parts.

Quick erecting on construction site.

Interchangeable Components.