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Precautions for the Use of Octagonal Scaffolding Time:2024-05-30

Octagonal Scaffolding is easy to use, safe, and reliable, and plays an important role in life, especially in the fields of construction and decoration. However, in the process of its use, we still need to pay attention to some safety matters to avoid hidden dangers in the construction work. Below we have listed several inspection items for your reference:


The inspection items are as follows:


When using the Octagonal Scaffolding, check whether there is water on the surface and whether the base is loose; whether the overall specifications meet the requirements, especially the verticality of the corner and cracks; whether the connection with the building is intact and not loose; whether the safety measures are complete and firm, whether it can be used normally; when using the Octagonal Scaffolding, it is strictly forbidden to remove the vertical and horizontal uneven poles, vertical and horizontal sweeping poles, and connecting wall parts; regularly check the scaffolding stage acceptance, whether it meets the requirements; check whether the acceptance personnel and employment certificates have changed.


Octagonal Scaffolding is an indispensable piece of equipment in construction, so the relevant person in charge must pay attention to construction safety, and do a good job in the maintenance of construction scaffolding, not only to ensure the quality of the scaffolding but also to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents.


Precautions for the use of Octagonal Scaffolding:


The main function of the scaffold is to prevent the longitudinal deformation of the Octagonal Scaffolding, thereby improving the overall rigidity.

The hand frame is connected with the unloading platform, and the unloading platform is designed separately for easy management.

When the hand frame has cracks, deformation, and shrinkage, the fasteners and sliding wires shall not be used.

The sign of the lift of the unloading platform mainly appears when the card indicates the limit load. The height of any disc scaffolding shall not exceed 45 meters.

Mixed-use of steel and bamboo fastener scaffolding is not allowed. The general requirement of snap-on scaffolding as support is that the overall strength is unshakable, undistorted, and stable. If mixed, there are no sharable nodes, and its stability is not guaranteed.

When setting up scaffolding, you should wear a helmet, a seat belt, and non-slip shoes.

For safety reasons, do not disassemble the rods when using the Octagonal Scaffolding.